im sorry because take them without permission
Posted 3/21/11 // 7:06 AM
today I was lil bit ashame of myself.To all doodlers,I just wanna say sorry if I take your doodles without your permission.And from now on I 'll put credits if I take others doodlers doodles.No lie!And I have put credits section so if others doodlers mad at me,well ur stupid! cuz I have put the credits section okay!
.I know its my fault so yeah I have put CREDIT SECTIONS.To all doodlers,I 'm sorry,yeah I know if I 'm in your situation I 'll feel the sa
me.I hope you'll forgive me*sorry for my bad grammar.And to Little Nubs,thanks again for remind me.I 'll take it as a lesson. and , you know your doodles so cute so thats why i took them . humm. im sorry . I really hope that you will read this .

IM SORRY DAMN MUCH ! . hope you forgive for this . :'(

: i will try to remove all the doodles :

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