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Posted 8/19/11 // 1:44 AM

Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s sister Inyoung just announced that she would be debuting as an actress. That means the introduction of another celebrity to the Kpop world! Currently, many idols have siblings who are also idols or in acting. Confused about who’s related to who? Check out the list below and vote in the poll!

Leeteuk and Inyoung

Mir who is part of the boy band MBLAQ and Eunah who is an actress recently made headlines for kissing! on a reality show. They later blasted the media for implying anything but I watched that clip…that was way too friendly for siblings.

Mir (Chulyong) and Eunah (Hyojin)

2PM’s Thai prince Nichkhun recently saw his brother, Nichchan, debut as an actor in Thailand. The picture below contains a bonus — it’s their dad!

Nichkhun and Nichchan

Who can forget the twins! The really really hot and talented twins. Junho recently made his singing debut as ZUNO in China and his brother Junsu has been part of of Asia’s hottest boy band, TVXQ, and now is in JYJ.

Junsu and Junho

Girls Generation’s ice princess Jessica’s younger sister Krystal debuted in SM Entertainment’s girl group f(x) this year. It’s been said that SM wanted to recruit Krystal when they recruited Jessica but her parents held it off.

Jessica (Sooyeon) and Krystal (Soojung)

SS501′s Hyungjun and U-Kiss’s Kibum are known for having a great relationship. They share clothes, cars, advice and possibly the same surgeon? (don’t kill me but they look like they got matching nosejobs.)

Hyungjun and Kibum

2NE1′s famous Sandara Park and her adorable brother Thunder from MBLAQ look exactly alike. They once even tried to gain weight together!

Dara and Thunder (Sanghyun)

FT Island’s bassist Jaejin’s older sister, Lee Chaewon, caught the attention of netizens when she debuted in the drama, On Air. Many said that they were both pretty and looked great together. I agree!

Jaejin and Chaewon (Jaekyung)

Not exactly K-pop but they’re probably Korea’s most famous siblings — Kim Taehee and Lee Wan. Both are famous actors with Kim Taehee set to star in the movie Grand Prix. Sadly, Lee Wan has enlisted in the army and we’ll see him in two years.

Kim Taehee and Lee Wan (Hyungsu)

Last but not least…there is world star Rain and 2PM’s Junho. Wait — what do you mean they’re not related?! (I kid, I kid)

Rain and Junho

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Look at Nickhun and Nichchan's face . They don't really look alike , Nickhun look more fair than Nichchan , I think Nickhun follows his mom .

August 19, 2011 at 4:00 AM  

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