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Posted 8/23/11 // 6:00 AM

Hundreds of amazing features.

The features included with iOS 4 make iPhone powerful, innovative, and a pleasure to use. Here are just a few. Visit the Features page for more

The world’s largest app platform.
With over 425,000 apps in practically every category, iOS 4 is the platform for the world’s largest collection of mobile apps. Apple gives third-party developers a rich set of tools and APIs, and they’ve been creating apps and games that redefine what a mobile device can do. Where to find these apps? Just browse the App Store from your iPhone and download them with a tap.Learn more about developing for iOS

Apple iPhone 4 price

RM 2450 - 2530
RM2000 - 2080 (AP)

Elegant and intuitive interface.

The first time you pick up an iPhone, you know how to use it. That’s because the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface in iOS was designed for the most natural pointing device ever: your finger. So whether you’re using one of the built-in apps or one of the over 425,000 apps and games available from the App Store, you control everything with a tap, drag, swipe, pinch, flick, or twist of your fingers. Even tasks that might seem complicated — such as starting a FaceTime call or editing a video with iMovie — are simple, easy, and fun

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