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The original 2002 drama follows a girl named Yu Jin Jung and her male classmate Joon Sang Kangas tragedy and angst befalls them and those around them in the years between high school and young adulthood. The 2004 Japanese broadcast triggered the ongoing "Korean wave" of pop culture in Japan and turned the lead actor Yong Joon Bae into a superstar among Japanese female viewers. The Japanese publisher Ohzora Publishing Co. eventually imported and translated the drama's manhwa adaptation under the titleWinter Love Song.
And that was the start of the Hallyu wave in Japan. Weee~ Thanks to that, I've come to know the best boy band in the world through Japanese entertainment!

Speaking at a news conference in Tokyo, Bae and Choi also spoke of the difficulties they have had doing the voice-overs for their characters, highlighting the differences between acting in front of the camera and behind a microphone.

"I feel as if I've gone back to seven years ago," the 37-year-old Bae said, looking back to the time when the original drama series was first released in South Korea. "I'm thankful that I'm able to feel once again the passion, warmth and happiness of first love which I felt when doing 'Winter Sonata.' "
To compare the real BYJ with the animated one, I have to say that the real one is more beautiful. I was expecting a bishounen Hyung Lee but they really got him perfectly animated!

Glad to see these two together again after so many years.
Bae Yong Joon expressed: “Thanks to the blessing from everyone that I was able to go back seven years ago to feel the Winter Sonata’s first love, warmth and happiness. For that I am really very happy.”Choi Ji Woo said: “I have deep feelings in this seven years. I hope to bring joy and happiness to the people who like ‘Yu Jin’ in Winter Sonata.
Seven years. Wow. The drama was popular in Japan as well as here in my country particularly among moms. Mom religiously watched this too but why can't I when I'm also a sucker for romance? (~__^)
The anime Winter Sonata consists of a total of 26 episodes and each series is 30 minutes which will be broadcast on Sky PerfecTV starting Oct. 17.

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