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Posted 1/6/12 // 2:30 AM

Pineapples were born when curious scientists mixed pine tree and apple tree DNAs in the pursuit of creating soft, sweet acorns. Today’s Groupon celebrates fruity fusions with homemade pineapple tarts from Sunny’s Cookies. Choose from:
  • 2 jars (48 pieces) for RM34 instead of RM52
  • 4 jars (96 pieces) for RM60 instead of RM104
  • 8 jars (192 pieces) for RM105 instead of RM208
24 homemade fruit tarts of mixed parentage live harmoniously within each cylindrical canisters, looking out clear bottles for throats to tickle and taste buds to tantalize. Sweet siblings are made with pure butter, pure pineapple jam, full cream milk, egg yolk and a dash of flour. Preservative free and dominantly dairy tarts contain high levels of calcium and protein, breaking stereotypes that delicious does not equal healthy. Flour concoctions that are well reared can last for up to six months, taking care of those lonely mid-year cravings although immediate consumption is recommended. A RM3 voucher is included within canisters allowing addicted tart-heads to get their next fix at a discounted price.
How it works
  1. Purchase this Groupon.
  2. SMS 012-329 4918 and provide your name, contact number, delivery address, voucher code, security code, reference ID and quantity.
  3. Deliveries begin Jan 5, 2012. You will receive your delivery within 14 working days.
  4. Present printed voucher when receiving your tarts.

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